Fact files – SoCo

Jamie Tong


Society for Community Organization (SoCO) is a non-profit-making and non-governmental community organization established in 1972 by church people. Soco aims to strive for rights and equal opportunities for the grassroots people with the vision to “work hand in hand and shoulder to shoul-der to build a caring, equal and just society”.
Work done by SoCO

Members of SoCO approach individually to the poor households constantly such as the single elderly people, low-income families and new immigrants living in inadequate housing like cage homes, cubicle apartments and roof-top flats. SoCO follows their needs and has assisted over 1,000 low-income cage home residents to obtain public housing allocation. Every year, SoCO helps more than 1,000 elderly households to apply for social security services or public housing. Also, SoCO sets up learning centers for new immigrant women and children in order to help them adapt to the new environment.
Yet, these individual work for the grassroots is not SoCO’s main focus. SoCO cooperates with the Community Care Fund (CCF) to fight for structural changes with the policies. For example, they fight for relaxation of the urban housing allocation. Recently, they have successfully strived for the Transport Support Scheme.

Contact information of SoCO Contact Address: 52 Princess Margaret Road, 3/F, Homantin
E-mail: soco@pacific.net.hk
Tel: 2713 9165
Fax: 2761 3326


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