Say “NO” to Drugs!

                                                                                                                   Ruby Tse

Drug, according to the dictionary, is ‘a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being’. Drug abuse can be classified into two categories. They are, the dependence on drugs of patients and the use of drugs to satisfy oneself. The later one is a more worrying issue in society.

Why would teenagers become drug addicts? Many people think that most of them first try out drugs as they are rebellious. They fail to see other reasons behind.

Quite a number of teenagers take drugs out of curiosity. Drugs are often made colourful with attractive appearances. In some teenagers’ eyes, those drugs are appealing and they would like to give it a try. Peer pressure is also significant. To teenagers, friends are very important. They are greatly influenced by friends. In order to act cool in front of their friends, they tend not to say ‘no’ to their friends when asked to take drugs.

Then, how about adults? Some adults also suffer from the problem of drug abuse. A possible reason is that adults face pressure at work. With such a great pressure and influences of colleagues, adults may take drugs for the first time. Eventually, dependence to drugs will be built up since they regard this as a good way to set themselves free.

Drug abuse does not only affect the addicts but also different parties. To drug addicts, drugs brings them an unhealthy life. Drugs should be used to cure diseases. Why do drugs bring satisfaction? That’s because drugs contain stimulants. Excessive intake of stimulants will cause damages to their bodies, especially to their hormonal systems. These drugs would affect the synaptic transmission in the neurons. This obstructs the neural impulses from being transmitted to the brain, affecting the person’s ability to make correct judgments. It is likely to distort the person’s perception and response to the environment. This may also be a reason for the mental disorder, such as schizophrenia. Drug abuse may also cause other diseases. It takes away lives of many people every year.

Furthermore, it also affects the families and friends of those who take drugs. As mentioned above, there are chances for the drug addicts to make false judgments. It may affect the ones who are being ’judged’. Their abnormal behaviours may affect their relationships with family members and friends. It is also believed that drug abuse is the cause of some cases of family tragedies.

You can never imagine how far reaching the effects of drug abuse will be. Therefore, SAY ‘NO’ TO DRUGS!


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