To be or not to be – a Facebook addict?

Isabella Lo and Phoebe Chan

Facebook – a social norm nowadays. Thanks to Mr. Zuckerberg, everyone is having ones Facebook account. Are you a frquent user of Facebook? Or are you addicted to it already? Here is a quiz for you to check whether you are a Facebook addict or not. Be wise and do not get hooked on Facebook!

Quiz for Facebook Addict

  1. Spend more than one hour on Facebook a day
  2. Log on to Facebook whenever you are bored
  3. Play actively in more than five applications at the same period of time
  4. Ignore work or lose sleep in order to go on to Facebook
  5. Join or click the like button for more than 100 groups
  6. Keep changing your profile picture
  7. Update your status once an hour
  8. Your friends and family members comment on your immoderate use of Facebook
  9. Have Facebook in your mind even when you are not online
  10. Feel uncomfortable when you do not log on to Facebook the whole day

0-1  ‘yes’: you use Facebook wisely and appropriately. Keep it up!
2-4 ‘yes’: you are slightly addicted to Facebook. Manage your time wisely!
5-8 ‘yes’: you are addicted to Facebook to a certain degree!
9-10 ‘yes’: you are in very serious case of Facebook addiction!


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