Hooked on Facebook

In the new era of internet, Facebook has become a vital element of our daily lives. Communicating with the others, finding long-lost friends, playing games and sharing photos and videos, all the social activities rely on Facebook.

Nowadays, Facebook has over 500 million active users around the globe. Using Facebook has become a popular culture. However, Facebook is somehow misused and this leads to serious consequences. Here are three case studies about misusage or addiction on Facebook.


Case 1
Some Facebook users do not think carefully before they share their statuses or upload their photos. They are so eager to share their views with their ‘friends’ that they do not realize ‘friends’ in Facebook are not always real friends. These ‘friends’ may be an old classmate who like gossiping, a colleague who like snitching, or even your boss. The unwise Facebook users forgot the fact that these people are able to read every status they have shared, every photo they have uploaded on Facebook. They express their views and feelings online freely, however, sometimes the opinion might be offensive or inappropriate for some people to read. Inappropriate people reading inappropriate posts may lead to serious and unpredictable consequence.

Facebook got a young lady fired in UK. Kimberley Swann worked in Ivell Marketing and Logistics of Clacton. She thought her job was boring and complained on her Facebook page. After her employers saw her complaints on Facebook, they gave her an immediate response: ‘as you are not satisfied and do not enjoy your job, we end your employment with the company with immediate effect.’ Ms Swann was stunned. She claimed that she had not even put on her company name on Facebook and was very shocked to get fired because of a Facebook status.

In fact, Ms Swann’s act on Facebook was naïve and reckless. She did not think of the result of complaining her job openly on Facebook. She did not realize that her employer is able to see her complaints. Her employer would wonder that whether she had a positive working attitude. He would doubt that if she would be a worthy employee. Therefore, it is unwise to post up words that should not be made public on Facebook.


Case 2
Many people around the world are addicted to Facebook. Spending more than two hours on Facebook each day is considered as ‘Facebook addicts’. Some Facebook addicts spend all their spare time on Facebook. To these people, Facebook is no longer merely a socializing tool, but an indispensable part of their lives. The Facebook addiction deeply affects the addicts’ normal lives; the addicts ignore work or give up sleeping time to go on Facebook. This causes them to lose all their spare time, affects their health or even causes tragedy.

In Colorado, the USA, a 34-year-old woman named Shannon Johnson was surfing on Facebook in the living room, and she left her one-year-old son unattended in the bathroom. The mother was checking her friend’s status and sharing videos, in addition to playing Cafe World, until she could not hear any sound from the bathroom. She rushed to the bathroom and found her boy floating in the bathtub with his face down. The baby boy was declared dead.

In Shannon Johnson’s world, Facebook has a higher priority than her own son. Her Facebook addiction was very serious. The little boy drowned because of her mother’s Facebook addiction. The mother lost her dearest son because of Facebook addiction. It is a case that can raise our awareness of the seriousness of addiction. Facebook addiction can lead to horrible results and cause accidents that make people regret forever.


Case 3
Apart for misusing and addicting to Facebook, cyber bullying on Facebook is another serious problem. Some Facebook users spread rumors on Facebook to cast a slur on others. The rumors are widely spread on the social network. The victim becomes the centre of attention and everybody will be gossiping about him/her. It causes the victim to suffer psychologically.

In Florida, the USA, two girls were charged with aggravated stalking. The two girls, Taylor Wynn, 16, and McKenzie Barker, 15, created a pornographic photo by putting their classmate’s face on a naked woman’s body. The indecent and insulting photo was uploaded on Facebook. After the photo was shared, the victim was ridiculed and teased by her classmates. She felt disturbed. At last, the two girls who uploaded the photo were arrested and were charged.
Cyber bullying causes harm to both the victims and offenders. It is inconsiderate and unwise to be involved in cyber bullying on Facebook.


After studying the above cases, it is clearly shown that Facebook addiction and misusage are serious problems. To prevent ourselves from getting hooked of Facebook, we have to bear in mind that Facebook is merely a socializing and entertainment tool. It is not wise to spend a lot amount of time on it.

All in all, we should use Facebook wisely and appropriately; therefore, we will not become a Facebook Addict.

If you are interested, feel free to visit To be or not to be – a Facebook addict?!


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