Fashion and Health? You can do better.

Cheung Ka Yan, Charis

Nowadays, teenagers’ lives are bound with the latest portable gadgets and fashionable clothing. Needless to say, these latest gadgets allow teenagers to have more forms of entertainment and the clothing make teenagers more appealing and charming. However, does anyone realize that these kinds of fashion may put your health at risk? Let’s take a look at the following examples and find out more!


Right at this moment, are you reading this piece article with your earphones on? If so, try to take them off for a couple minutes!


It is common to see teenagers with earphones in their ears whenever and wherever they are. They allow music to flow into their ears anytime, no matter they are doing their homework, or shopping, or catering, or waiting for a bus, or whatsoever. There is no need to worry about the rumble on the roadside, in the subway or from an airplane up above the sky, as we overcome the noise by turning up the volume of the music players until we are satisfied.

Seemingly, earphones are our friends, which accompany us in almost all occasions we can name. However, studies show that they are actually our evil enemies because they are likely to pose risk to our hearing.

Earphones and Hearing impair
It is well-known that people are likely to develop hearing impair under prolonged exposure of noise of high intensity. Studies have shown that people may develop hearing loss if they exposed to 85 decibels for eight hours. Brian Fligor, ScD of Children’s Hospital in Boston, had carried out an experiment of the sound produced by CD players. The shocking result is that all the samples produced sound levels in excess of 85 decibels! However, a study at the Colorado University and Children’s Hospital in Boston revealed that most teenagers are unaware of how loud they are playing the music.

As a matter of fact, damage to our hearing does not only depend on volume, but also on the duration. Therefore, even if one does not expose to prolonged noise of high intensity, continuous listening to music, even at a reasonable volume, may cause damage to one’s hearing. In this way, overtime, more and more cells in the inner ear may be damaged and fail to transmit sound impulses to the brain. As a result, one may suffer from hearing loss.


“Listen for too high and too long, and you may have to replace those headphones with hearing aids in the not-too-distant future.”
-by Cory Portnuff, an audiologist at Colorado

Experts recommend not listening to music for more than one hour per day. Always keep the volume and length of your listening to a minimum.

How can one actually tell if the music they are listening is too loud? A surefire way is that the music you are listening to through the earphones should not be able to be heard by people near you.

Clothing – Skinny Jeans & High-heel shoes

“The pain passes, but beauty remains.”
– by Pierre Auguste-Renoir, the French Impressionist painter

Inspired by celebrities and models, teenagers turn to squeeze themselves in skinny jeans and high-heel shoes as part of fashion. They tend to ignore how tight the jeans and high-heel shoes are, as well as the discomfort caused. However, there is one thing they should never ignore, the potential sacrifices you have to make for beauty.

Skinny Jeans and Meralgia Paresthetica
Wearing jeans that are too tight will put on pressure to the lateral coetaneous nerve, the nerve for sensation to the lateral part of the thigh. This results in pain, numbness or tingling at the region, a condition known as Meralgia Paresthetica.

High-heel Shoes and Changes on Body Balance
UK researchers discovered that muscle fibres of people who frequently wear high-heels were on average 13% shorter than those who avoided them. The Journal of Experimental Biology study also found high-heels led to thicker and stiffer tendons in the calf, which prevent the tendon from stretching sufficiently. Besides, wearing high-hells causes a redistribution of weight which in turn shifts the center of balance of the body. As a result, they will have difficulties even when they walk on flat feet.

Teenagers should limit the number of times they wear skinny jeans and high-heel shoes.
They can wear skinny jeans for special occasion only.
It is recommended that teenagers can choose a low-heeled shoe with no higher than 4cm which has a rounded toe. They can do a few stretching exercises after wearing high-heel shoes.


It is always true that all teenagers want to be stylish and fashionable. However, is it worth sacrificing our health and well-being for the sake of beauty? By the way, are you still keeping your earphones off? Will you think twice before putting them on again?

Do remember: never jeopardize your health for fashion.


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