Show me your smile!

Katrina Lee

When we walk along the streets of Hong Kong these days, how often can we see people around us with a smile hanging on their faces? Almost no one is untouched by unemployment or stock market losses, if not experienced by themselves then by friends and relatives. People reveal anxiety and worries in their faces. Some people can still remain optimistic despite their losses, but some cannot stand the pressure. 

In Hong Kong the number of people suffering from depression has been increasing in the past few years. The increase may be due to the financial crisis, with worries about being sacked and the ups and downs in the stock market. Many people have an extremely negative view towards the problems they face.  

Your browser may not support display of this image.It is believed that Hong Kong people are not that happy in comparison with people in other Asian cities. As revealed by the Happy Planet Index by Friends of the Earth, the Vietnamese and the Filipinos are the happiest Asians, ranking 12th and 17th respectively out of 178 countries around the world. Hong Kong is ranked 88th in this survey. As there is an extensive gap between the rich and the poor, it causes serious social problems in Hong Kong, and the grassroots live a really hard life. Discontent with government policies is also a reason for the unhappiness and stress of many people in Hong Kong.  

The fact is that Hong Kong people are under high pressure from their work and daily life, but they do not know how to deal with it. If we stretch a rubber band too much, it will break; similarly, if we put too much pressure on ourselves, we will not be able to stand it and eventually will break down. We had better take action immediately if we discover that too much stress is on us! The best way is to spend more time with our friends and families, people who are willing to listen to our voices and comfort us.  

Real happiness comes from the way you live your life and the way you tackle your problems. Happiness is contagious. Take your first step and show others your smile!! 


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