Soaring Nation

Isabella Lo

The success of Shenzhou VII has raised both the public’s attention and also the suspicions from western countries. Shenzhou VII was the third spaceflight mission in the Chinese space-exploring history and mainly aim at spacewalking, which has been the dream of fellow Chinese. Thanks to all the crews and back-up crews, our dream came true, and marked a major step of space exploration development in Chinese history.



  However, has this mission symbolized China as a better developed country? Scandals about the tainted milk powder, the bad reputation of the “made in China” label, and series of factories closing down due to the global financial tsunami has aroused world attention. I guess all of you are familiar with all these news. What conclusion can be drawn from these news? The living standard of fellow Chinese is relatively low and social problems are serious, especially comparing to well-developed countries such as The Unites States and The United Kingdom.

spacemanFrankly speaking, under such worsening circumstances and fault-ridden policies, China should have invested more and improving people’s living instead of putting too much focus on the “star war” just to obtain a higher status and gain national glory. National glory is not going to cure those babies who suffered from having kidney stone or going to feed those 200 million people who are living in poverty or going to provide education to those children whose families live far from schools.

It is understandable that the Chinese government is trying to continue the legend started by the Beijing Olympics 2008. During the Olympics games, the Chinese government has promoted a welcoming tourism and has gained worldwide recognition. The building of Bird Nest and the Cube has shown foreigner the modern technology that China has achieved. Even in the Sichuan Earthquake, the Chinese government has shown their great leadership in opening media coverage. Western journalists and reports have gained a better access to China’s updated news.

It seems that China is keener on gaining trust from foreign countries more than giving faith to its counterparts. Can the ABOVE compliments help the poor Chinese directly? Or it just benefits the wealthy Chinese?

Besides, have you ever wondered why The United States stops sending people up to the space in the present? Though it is rather obvious that they have developed space exploration for a long time and had already made loads of achievements, it is not the main reason within. They have realized that it is not the time to further space project, especially when most of the Americans are more concerned about the seriousness of high unemployment rate, another crash in the Wall Street, and the initiation of promises made by the new president Barack Obama. A superpower country should know best about what benefit its people most. If a government is capable of representing its people to arrange polity priorities, then most people won’t be in plight or moan about the policies all the time. Same for China, it is crucial for the authorities to realize that serving its people comes first than any other things.

Shenzhou VII, indeed, will always be a remarkable space exploration in the Chinese history. However, let’s not forget China is still one step closer to her ultimate goal – to alleviate her people’s problems and let them find comfort in their own country. Regarding this , we wish China good luck from Heep Yunn School and Hong Kong. 



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