Intellectual Property Rights

Joyce Lee, Kawai Hong

Intellectual property refers to the creations in human minds. Intellectual property rights protect the creators by giving the property rights so that their creations would not be easily stolen. In legal term, they must be acquired by labor.

Intellectual property can be divided into two categories: Industrial property and Copyright. Here are some examples of intellectual property:

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Artistic works
  • Logos
  • Symbols

In these days, intellectual property is so important that many countries, such as Japan, United States and England have proposed a number of laws to protect it since protecting the property can help to foster and ensure the economic growth and attract more investment in their countries. If we don’t protect the intellectual property, designs or ideas will easily be stolen. As a result, the merchants or entrepreneurs from other countries would not invest in the market of the country.

In Hong Kong, there is an organization called Hong Kong Intellectual Property Society (HKIPS) which is a non-profit making and an independent organization. It is responsible for raising the awareness of the public towards the intellectual property rights by holding some activities like talks and competitions.

Despite of the promotion from the society, doing something that is against the rights seems like quite common in these days. One of the examples is downloading songs or films illegally from the internet although they know it is against the property rights and the laws. The reasons for them to do it are that it is convenient and does not cost them. It is said that the government should put more resources on educating the youth.

In conclusion, intellectual property rights should be highly respected. If there are no intellectual property rights in this world, there will be no original and the rights of the creators will also be easily interfered. Let’s join hands and protect the intellectual property rights.



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