American Blacks

Vickie Tsang


Can he tackle racial discrimination once and for all?Can he tackle racial discrimination once and for all?

Illustration by Karen Yuen





Most of us may believe that the dream is finally brought to life, but the lives of the most blacks in USA reflect clearly that there is still a very long way to go.

The toughest are probably the blacks in the lower class of America. Their unemployment rate continues to hover at twice that among whites. For years, they do not get many job opportunities. Most of them remain unemployed, they are trapped by poverty and encouraged to commit crimes, looked down by others. Some of them are employed for humble jobs, picking up other people’s trash for little pay and even less respect. They are usually called ” walking buzzards” which humiliated them very much. In some places where most lower class blacks populate, they are forced to use seperate drinking fountains, toilets and bathrooms, it shows clearly they do not have most rights that an US citizen should have.

It may be more subtle, but racial discrimination is alive and well in the workplace where some blacks of middle class got their jobs. According to a new survey by, more than one in four American adults have encountered employment discrimination. Misty, an black office lady in USA complaint on a blog that she was not afforded the same opportunities as her co-workers and also did not receive the same wages as the others in her position. Indeed, this happens to numerous black workers. Although Employment Law was set up in USA, there are many exemptions which create unequal to the blacks. In some cases, race is considered to be a “genuine occupational qualification” which means that the jobs are “for the whites only”, and the blacks are again judged by their colour of skin but not abilities, this greatly reduce their job opportunities.

Racial discrimination may also stay in the upper class of USA, but if it does, it is obviously slight. We can see that Obama was chosen to be the candidate of US president by hundred of whites. In upper class, he is not judged by his color of skin but content. Besides, cabaple blacks such as Obama and Condoleezza Rice maintain a high position in the society, so they gain less discrimination but more respect from the whites.

For why racial discrimination occurs so differently on the above, we may refer to the educational level of the Americans in different classes. In lower class, people have less chance to receive education, so the whites cannot put aside the traditional thinking about the blacks due to the blacks’ slavery history 200 years ago. Alternatively, we can see that racial discrimination in upper class is insignificant as people there are richer, they have higher chance to receive high-standard education.

In fact, strict laws of heavier penelties and less exemption should be employed to help the blacks. Besides, promotion on “no racial discrimination” is greatly needed. Since racial discrimination is highly related to the educational level, the government should focus on the eduction of the lower class Americans. The American government should have stood up for the blacks, but all these things seem to be neglected, lives of the blacks show that United States is not united. For years, American government has been mostly focusing on economic aggrandizment. Without the strict policy of this influential government, American citizens are unable to make such a great change. So the US government should bare part of the responsibility of the serious racial discrimination in America.

These years, the focus of the civil rights debate has shifted. But according to the America Research Papers, the median annual income for black males working full time is 30 % less than for white males and the overall poverty rate for whites is one third of that for blacks: 11.6% versus 33.3%. It shows that blacks are still treated seriously unequal in USA. Moreover, the above analysis also shows that racial discrimination still matters in most of the blacks’ lives, it will be a very long way to go before the dream really comes ture. Now King’s dream is put forward to Obama. To make the dream comes ture, much efford from Obama and every American is needed. May Obama address oneself to the dream and may all the Americans dream on until the day when all men of any skin color in America can come together as one.



2 thoughts on “American Blacks

  1. Here in England, racial discrimination is getting worse and worse every day. Our white supremacy Nationalist Party the BNP is gaining quite strong support! It’s like America has left it’s racism behind and we’ve picked it up!

  2. Marcia says:

    America’s never left that behind. The Presidential Election did indicate racial discrimination in US has alleviated but only for some capable blacks. In fact for the rest, it goes on as it used to be. Like the disables, those who’re as capable as Nick Vujicic are respected but discrimination always matters in most disables’ lives. It’s really realistic!

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